#33 Fourth of July Sugar Cookies

3 Jul

When you love baking/decorating, holidays are something you look forward to no matter which one it is. If there is an excuse to decorate something in a theme, I’m there in a second. The 4th of July is no exception. I spent a decent amount of time looking through my cookbooks/magazines/online/etc for something red white and blue themed. I wanted something cute but not exceptionally challenging because its about 95 degrees still at about 7pm here and that is not something you want to be elaborately baking in.

Sidenote: Danielle got me this lovely Martha Stewart Pies and Tarts cook book for my birthday that I am OH so excited to start cooking out of 🙂

There are really two ways you can go with when making a dessert for the 4th. You can make something with blueberries, strawberries and cream to get that red/white/blue theme going OR you can use your magnificent decorating skills to transform whatever you bake into a themed treat.

I went with the decorating side, just because I’ve got an addiction to these sugar cookies and I havent made them since last time I posted them on here…or here. So technically this isnt anything new, but I’ll show you anyways 🙂

I tried a few different ways, but was told that it looked like the French flag and not very American.

Simple, consistent and lots of frosting 🙂

The best sugar cookie recipe 

I’ve tried a bunch of different frostings for sugar cookies and the most traditional way is Royal Icing which uses egg whites, but I find that this recipe with Meringue powder is a million times easier, and tastes better in my opinion.

Royal Icing Recipe


Enjoy! Madeline









One Response to “#33 Fourth of July Sugar Cookies”

  1. Danielle Hesse July 13, 2011 at 6:32 AM #

    1) Delicious sugar cookies! Thanks for the send-off treat 🙂
    2) I can’t wait to see what you bake from that cookbook! Hopefully it’s got some good recipes in there. And hopefully I can bake some of them with you!

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